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Cantiere Ikrea
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Dracula' INFABULA'
Created and produced by: Luca Perrotta
Assistant producer and set designs: Antonio Bonura

A performance with dance, commedia dell’arte (artistic comedy), stilts and fire.

A performance, A fairy tale:  The story of life through a creature that discovers the world, experiencing emotions with the help of mother nature.  He grows, plays, falls in love, loves, fights, dies.  The Troll, inhabitant of the forest; the Hunchback, generator of life; the Knight,  romantic and courageous; the Air, accompanies the creatures journey; the Fire, revitalizes mother nature; Death, compels the Warrior to depart from the world.  A new day dawns with the cyclical way of life going towards…
The combination of street performing arts used to tell this story creates today’s new circus: acrobatics, dance, stilts, fire… » video

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BABUSKA-Love Match

Cantiere IKREA
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artistic director :
Luca Perrotta

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