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Circo 900

Cantiere Ikrea
associazione artisti di strada

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' CIRCO 900'
of and with Cantiere Ikrea
of and with Cantiere Ikrea “Circo 900” is a performance inspired by the street circus immediately after World War II. The war is over. In a deep financial crisis, some families invent a way of living by travelling from town to town telling people about street theatre in a simple way. Their passion and necessity make them invent their own day. The project “CIRCO 900” is inspired by the 1900 time in history (inspired to the manifestoes of Fellini and Tati). The Caravan moves: the owner of the Circus, his musicians, the landlord, the terrible one and the strongest man in the world… They travel along the roads…. They pass…. And leave memory… The master throws his actors in front of the audience, in the road: “MUSIC !” The accordion’s music is all around, The drums beating the rhythm, Silent explodes with wonder… A hat, waiting, for a new departure…

With Urana Marchesini, Luca Perrotta, Giacomo Gosti. Marco Burla and Roberto Mazzuoli

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Circo 900


Cantiere IKREA
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Luca Perrotta

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