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Cantiere Ikrea
street artists association

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CANTIERE IKREA is a cultural association which organizes, promotes and produces theatre shows, street, nuveau circus performances and crowd involvement with clowns, jugglers, men on stilts, fire-breathers, musicians, educators and actors.

In collaboration with other professionals of this area, the association promotes or organizes educational events for street actors, actors and whoever has interest in learning about street arts, acrobatics or juggling.

The company was first born in 1995 with the name IKREA by people and professionals gathered together with the desire to create children’s events, street performances and animations inspired by the circus.

abbiamo tutte le soluzioni!!Over the years, the techniques of stilts, juggling, acrobatics, fire breathing have been used and improved in depth by experimenting & studying techniques of puppets, masks, light illusions, music and live postrecordings.

Circus and street art are the main and vital interests of CANTIERE IKREA, organizing and taking part in shows and educational workshops with international artists.

CANTIERE IKREA promotes and produces news projects and shows suited for a more “theatrical” audience. Some characters were created recently in the latest productions which generated unique, custom made performances for specific places and people. Today

CANTIERE IKREA is able to respond to any prerequisite, from the small birthday animation and private parties to large & complicated theatre events and street performances.

Do not hesitate to contact us for information, consultation or free estimates.

Cantiere IKREA
mobile +39 335 8242228
artistic director:
Luca Perrotta

webmaster: Daniela Baggiani