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Cantiere Ikrea
associazione artisti di strada

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Cantiere Ikrea has developed the capacity, over it’s 15 years of experience, to coordinate events and performances ad hoc, calibrated to satisfy every specific necessity of various private and public demands.
Luca Perrotta, the association’s artistic director, personally visits the location to analysis the context in which the artistic intervention is to be executed. Then, he selects and co-ordinates artists and professional technicians, in order to achieve a unique performance or event with a variety of street art techniques: juggling, stilts, aerial disciplines such as “il filo” (the wire) e “il tessuto” (the cloth), “il palo cinese” (the Chinese pole), acrobatics, use of fire.
In some occasions, the artist will free himself from any piece of show equipment and intervene among the crowd with pure acting talent; interacting personally with the public and creating original gags and comical situations.
The suggested events and performances can be categorized in:

  • Events and performances “with imagery” which include costumes, set designs, choreography that generate emotions and extravaganza.
  • Events and performances that use “apparatus” to catch the eye: stilts (from small to enormous sizes) or “the cycles” (a vintage tricycle, a ladies’ tandem, a leopard style rickshaw, a bizarre bicycle, a modern or vintage farmer’s wagon).
  • Events and performances “musicals” like a Street Band or performances accompanied with music.
  • Events and performances based on “street theatre”, in which the actor is freed from any show equipment. In brief, it is a type of theatre with one actor’s interpretation of an unusual “character” without the help of a stage, but is amidst the crowd and interacts with individuals as he slowly becomes the protagonist.
  • Events and performances “of artistic brilliance ” which include a balancing high wire act, acrobats, trapeze, fire-breather and juggler that will astonish and amaze any crowd.

The shows can be either itinerant or stationary.

We invite you to request estimates or free counsel for organizing small or large show events for both private or public circles.

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Cantiere IKREA
via dell'Olivo, 12
50025 Montespertoli - Firenze
cell +39 335 8242228
direzione artistica:
Luca Perrotta

webmaster: Daniela Baggiani