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Circo 900

Cantiere Ikrea
associazione artisti di strada

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Circo 900' ZOTT Fire on the move'
Drago Bianco
Cantiere Ikrea

“Fire on the Move” brings light and warmth to the streets and squares of your town. Dancers/Actors will set fire without burning and will frighten without fear the audience with the beauty of fire. Spectators will be swept away into a timeless dream full of flashes and stars with eyes opened wide. Looking ahead and not falling behind, we’ll find the strength to stop in specific places and perform in an alternation of dance, games and expertise. A performance created from a dream to produce dreams in the playful freedom of who is fearless and wants to go beyond all boundaries. Amidst the choreographic dances and street performances, the artists use with expertise fire-breathing techniques and inflamed devices: Swallowing fire like the Earth and spitting it up like volcanoes and dragons. The show has the tendency of mainly being in motion with the use of a cart. The performance could contain a show at the end of its journey or create several little performances during its journey. All of the show’s necessary equipment is inflammable and completely safe for the public; and in case of any misfortune, the company is insured for damages done to third parties.

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